The benefits of semen for a woman’s health and her skin

The benefits of semen in clearing the face, enlarging the breasts and the buttocks, and many other benefits for the wife
– The female genitals are in a state of severe congestion and irritation, and effusion
The semen on her relieves this tension and congestion, and spreads calm and tranquility on me
the wife

هكذا تصلون إلى الذروة معا وبدون وسائل مساعدة
It is very high in calories.
Rich in vitamins and minerals that give radiance to hair and skin.
It is effective in protecting against diseases associated with the stage of pregnancy.
Semen contains chemicals that calm the nerves and improve the mental state
Semen contains copious amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals
– Half an hour after the semen enters the uterus, the uterine wall absorbs it, so the sedative substances give the wife an unparalleled psychological comfort.

ماهو مني الرجل وماهي فوائده
– The woman’s body is nourished on an extract of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, which gives her body energy and vitality and gives her skin freshness and smoothness
A man’s semen contains more anti-depressants than a packet of anti-depressant medication.
Therefore, we see that those who use condoms to prevent the semen from reaching the woman’s uterus have psychological, nervous and physical problems as well.
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Benefits of swallowing or drinking sperm for the wife
Women love to drink semen, especially women who love and adore their husbands. Drinking semen is also beneficial, but it is not of the same benefit when it is released in the womb.
When a wife drinks semen, she only benefits from proteins and vitamins, but it will not bring calm and psychological comfort.
Regular swallowing of semen can have some health benefits for women as semen contains at least 13 prostaglandins and high concentrations of hormones that retain their effectiveness if taken orally.
And the quality of the hormones in the semen is better than in the prescriptions.
– The study has shown that women who swallow semen regularly have lower rates of ovarian cancer, and reduce depression and acne symptoms.
The source of semen is in the male body
Most of the components of semen are produced from cells in the lower back of the man and the rest from the prostate and testicles, and it is released when the man reaches the height of the excitement through the opening of the penis, so the milk shells come out in intermittent and successive batches at different speeds between fast and slow according to the intensity of desire and according to the last time the semen was released. Every ejaculation of semen is called a squeeze.
So, the first era will be more than the second, in a single encounter between a man and a woman, and so on ..
Semen components
It is the fructose sugar, protein, a group of vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin b12.b2.aa, a group of minerals, the most important of which is zinc. Zinc .. Potassium. Magnesium. Phosphates. Sodium … in addition to a group of hormones, enzymes and energy …
Oral sexual intercourse and drinking semen

هل يجوز شرب مني الرجل للزوجة - YouTube
Oral intercourse is one of the most beautiful and most enjoyable sexual ways
And couples differ in the duration of oral intercourse, some prefer it for a short period, after which vaginal intercourse begins.
Others prefer it until the end of the relationship, that is, until the husband shoots either on the wife’s chest, on her face, or in her mouth, and then either the wife drinks it or gets rid of it.
And this type of sexual intercourse is known and old as humanity, so we see, for example, carved on the walls of the pyramids and in temples in India.
And people continued to practice this type of sex until now
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Is semen harmful or not?
Looking at its composition, we know with certainty that it is not harmful because it is made up of proteins, enzymes, hormones, and fructose, all of which have great nutritional benefits.
Hence, we know that it is not only enjoyable, but also nutritious and beneficial
Are there harmful bacteria in the semen?
Semen can never contain bacteria
Except in the case of sexual illness in the man, and this is not and according to Bill
Even the urine does not contain bacteria at all, so penis sucking
And drinking semen is a safe and healthy matter.
The benefit of semen in the beauty of a woman’s skin
America and some European countries have issued cosmetic products in order to preserve the freshness of the skin, and of course there are components of the semen in a man because of its natural benefits in exfoliating the skin as well as its smoothness and removing the pimples that appear on the face and makes the skin bright and delays the aging of the wife … and depending on the words of the Pharaonic Queen Cleopatra, she used the semen to preserve the beauty of her skin, so she put it on her face as a mask, and after a while she removed it with warm water, as she used to use the semen in order to induce a chemical peeling of the face and thus restore the glasses and beauty to the skin..and Some scholars in the field of medicine have confirmed that in the sexual process between a man and his wife, this fluid enters the woman’s uterus and runs through her veins and moisturizes the area around the uterus, and from God’s blessings that the benefit is even from this method of (sexual intercourse) .. And of course when it is in its form Regular, it delays old age for both parties (men and women).
It is known that the enzymes present in semen act as a substance that exfoliates the skin and rejuvenates his glasses, and this is one of the reasons for the beauty of women after marriage and the increase in facial glasses.
The man’s semen makes the female’s skin soft and supple if it falls on her thighs or any part of her body
The evidence is to note the area between the wife’s thighs, near the vagina, which is very soft and fresh, because it is nearer to the semen
The secret of the beauty and vitality of a woman after marriage
Many of us notice that a girl changes after marriage, and these changes are as follows
– The girl after marriage becomes full and shows signs of health and vitality
Also, her face is filled, her skin is soft and supple, and acne is gone
Hair condition improves and becomes soft
The secret is three things

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