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Healthy foods that a pregnant woman needs before birth

From the moment you show a positive pregnancy test result, mixed feelings about the day of birth begin between fear, longing and the desire to see this new guest, who will turn your life upside down. Childbirth is a crucial event of my life, which must be prepared for, and for the arrival of the new guest in a decent manner, “Supramama” provides you with proven advice that helps you in preparing for the birth.

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Nutrition and weight management before and during pregnancy has a profound effect on infant development. This is a critical time that determines the proper growth of the fetus, as infants depend heavily on what the mother stores and on nutrients for optimal growth and better health later in life. Prenatal nutrition addresses nutritional recommendations before and during pregnancy. Prenatal nutrition has a strong influence on the birth weight and future development of the infant. A study at the National Institute of Health found that babies born to an obese mother had a higher chance of failing tests of fine motor skills, which is the movement of small muscles such as hands and fingers.

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A common saying that “a woman eats for two during pregnancy” means that a mother should consume twice the amount during pregnancy. However, this is not actually true. Although maternal consumption will directly affect themselves and the developing fetus, overeating will negatively affect the health of the baby, as the baby will have to work harder to be healthy in the future. And compared to an infant, the mother has the lowest biological risk. Therefore, the extra calories are often stored as fat in the mother, rather than going to the infant. On the other hand, insufficient consumption will lead to low birth weight.

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Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy reduces the risks of adverse events to the infant such as birth defects, as well as chronic conditions in adulthood such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the rate of weight gain during pregnancy must be monitored to support the ideal growth of the infant

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