How to fuck me for two hours without ejaculation !!!

Hello guys! Do you remember my post when I was complaining about my husband’s failure to satisfy my desires? I’m really surprised to tell you this but … he can’t keep his “full” erection as before – even with oral sex or hand sex, or he might ejaculate in just 1-3 minutes.

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Hi everyone, my name is JIHAN. I am 28 years old and here is my story.
At first I was telling myself: Well, where do all the porn actors get the stamina from – we tried everything you could possibly think of, from Viagra and other erection capsules to yoga or something to do with spiritual yoga. Nonsense – his penis remained flabby, the sexual relationship lasted no more than a few minutes.
After 6 months I gave up. I decided it was about his genetics and his physical condition, there was nothing to do about it. After all, I cannot say that I wanted him the way I did before, since we knew that everything would end in vain, I would not be satisfied and he would feel upset. I felt my husband was completely losing confidence
Then the help came without the slightest expectation …

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Every man with a big penis has bedroom confidence and nothing makes a woman feels ready than a man who looks confident and ready to give her a mind-blowing moment.

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I accidentally watched an interview with porn star Johnny Sense, in which he said that any man can have sex for up to two hours. I am very interested in this. According to Johnny, he uses special natural extracts – all in a harmless formulation of capsules that you can buy without a prescription. This formula boosts sex hormone production and gives you a young erection of 17 years of age and tolerance for porn stars.

Johnny recommends using the original EROSTIM capsules with the TRTT technology he uses, so I found their website and decided to order a refill. And I was really surprised at the price of the package so without hesitation I ordered these capsules.

How was the result?
The capsules arrived quickly, and I couldn’t wait for us to have sex – before he fell asleep, I gave him a capsule saying it was just a vitamin. In less than an hour my husband woke up with a strong, hard, rocky erection, and believe me when I say we slept for an hour and 47 minutes! Unparalleled pleasure, a lot of sweating and screaming – the best sexual experience I’ve ever had, I was expecting some improvement, but this was a man I had never known before.

The site says that by using EROSTIM – it should also strengthen my average libido for the better, and this is what we will confirm in two weeks. Well, I still find it hard to believe that herbs can work better than Viagra – all for the price of Remembering Cinema and without any stupid prescriptions. I find the effect worth every penny (I’ve already ordered three more packs) – life is short, and I’m not the type of girl who skimp on pleasures.

So I can definitely recommend EROSTIM capsules to everyone who wants to improve their sexual experience.

A warning
Your erection may become “uncomfortably hard” and last longer than normal.
Please ensure that you (and your partner) are healthy enough to engage in vigorous sexual activity.
You may experience an erection more often during the day. Please stop if this negatively affects your business.
This is not a gimmick … it is the last thing science has found in conjunction with nature. There are some simple ingredients put here on earth that can finally solve your problems for good.
And if you don’t wake up with an erection every morning, then you definitely need this more than most men -> This is the first warning sign!


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