Losing 27 kg in 2 weeks is possible

Dr. Hisham Sabry, a well-known Nutritionist who works at the SLIM ESTHETE Nutrition and Body Reshaping Clinic, over 36 years of long experience, has helped more than 2,500 patients suffering from overweight. Dr. Hisham confirmed that it is very possible to lose up to 27 kg safely in 4 weeks, without exercise or diet.

Any excess weight, even a slight one, can be extremely dangerous. In some cases, obesity reaches a critical level. Shortness of breath, varicose veins, heart disease, cirrhosis and other internal organs are only superficial consequences in the initial stages of obesity. Sudden treatment of an excess fat mass could lead to death.
After analyzing the means for emergency weight loss, such as diets, exercise, and others, Dr. Hisham proved that 93% of them are completely ineffective and have a very negative impact on human health. Other methods have no weight loss effect at all. In other words, after stopping the excess weight immediately returns again.

The only safe treatment, according to Dr. Hisham is Venuslim. The doctor’s studies showed that 97% of patients shed unwanted kilograms permanently and in a very short time.


These amazing results can be achieved thanks to these ingredients: 18 amino acids, proteins, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, and fatty acids, all of these natural ingredients speed up the process of weight loss by 19 times and maintain the lost kilograms. Thanks to this product, patients permanently and at home lose 12-27 kg in 2 weeks without harm to health!

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With Venuslim there is no need for heavy diets or exercise. After taking it twice a day 30 minutes after meals, patients reported the following results:
Today, all the nutrition programs prepared by the doctor will definitely include Venuslim. Thanks to this product, the patient can adhere to any usual diet and lifestyle. The active ingredients of the drink prevent harmful calories, which interfere with the food. That enter the body with food. Antioxidants remove toxins from the body, contribute to the acceleration of metabolism and the normalization of appetite. The doctor claims that the combination of vitamins and additional nutrients allows the body to independently determine the amount of excess weight and get rid of it without harm to health.

Venuslim is an inexpensive product for weight loss, as its price is 30 times cheaper, making it affordable for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and effectively. The main advantage of this product is that patients can lose excess weight quickly while eating their favorite dishes.

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