Benefits of Artemisia for the human body

Do you complain of laziness and general lethargy?
Do you complain of colic and constant pain in the stomach and intestines? Lower abdomen generally?
Do you complain about stomach gases and what causes you pain?
Do you have frequent diarrhea or constipation during the month?
Do you complain about intestinal disorders, feeling dizzy, and wanting to vomit …

The medicine is found in the Artemisia  herb

My grandmother told me about it more than 20 years ago and I tried it with my kids
You will be amazed by the result and it is 100% tested, God willing, and it has been tested with
One of my children and I saw with my own eyes a large worm in the stool the first day

Wormwood is an easy plant with a pleasant smell and pungent, and it has many health benefits because it contains a large number of active substances and compounds.

Learn with us in this article about the most important benefits of wormwood and its various therapeutic advantages.

Definition of wormwood
Wormwood is a plant that belongs to the compound family, which is in English (Mugworts) and its scientific name is (Artemisia). It is a perennial plant that has a fragrant smell and a bitter taste.
The life span of this herb exceeds 4 years and its length reaches 60 cm.It is distinguished by its successive compound leaves and yellow-headed flowers, and it is also cultivated in Latin America, the Maghreb, Australia and Asia.

The health benefits of wormwood
There are several health benefits of wormwood, which you know in detail:

1- The benefits of wormwood for diabetes
It contains many properties that contribute greatly to the treatment of diabetes, as it works to reduce the symptoms associated with it, such as intense thirst and urination frequently, and it can be used by eating wormwood drenched on a daily basis.

2- Useful for hair
Soaked and wormwood oil produce an oily liquid substance that contains tar, which in turn contributes to solving the problem of hair loss and dryness, especially for women, but it must be used regularly on the hair follicles to give effective and strong results.

3- Stimulates blood circulation
Among the benefits of wormwood is that it stimulates blood circulation in the human body, improves the functional performance of various body systems, and thus gets rid of accumulated toxins and waste.

4- A choleretic
Wormwood oil contains a substance called a choleretic, which works to drain bile from the liver into the stomach, which helps in facilitating the digestion process and neutralizing excess acids in the stomach, which protects against acidity problems and ulcers.

5- The benefit of wormwood for the skin
There are many health benefits of wormwood on the skin in particular, as it helps in treating many skin diseases that afflict us, such as psoriasis, acne, and skin ulcers.

It treats a lot of alopecia areata by burning its leaves, mixing the ashes with olive oil, and then applying it to the affected areas.

6- Reducing stress and depression
Wormwood oil relieves sleep disturbances, insomnia, fatigue and nerve pain, epileptic seizures and deep depression.

So, you have to resort to it because it contains a narcotic consisting of ketones, alpha-thujone and beta-thujone, which help calm nerves and give muscles relaxation.

7- Get rid of infections
Artemisia also has many benefits in treating infections that occur due to infection with bacteria, viruses, and substances that transmit germs and cause infections.

On the other hand, wormwood has proven its effectiveness in alternative medicine as a treatment for malaria and diseases transmitted to the body by mosquitoes.

8- A friend to the digestive system
Wormwood has been used since ancient times to solve many problems facing the digestive system, as it contains a special compound known as cineol, and this substance is effective in getting rid of parasites that cause disease to humans, such as worms that infect the digestive system.

It is also used to treat indigestion and rid the body of the feeling of bloating.

How to use wormwood herb
The herb wormwood is used in the form of tea or infusion, by steeping a spoonful of dried or fresh wormwood in a cup of hot water for a quarter of an hour, then sweetening the drink with honey or sugar because it is characterized by its bitter taste.

It can also be used as an incense or powder to treat insect bites.

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